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Why Should We Immerse in Cold Water and Why Choose a Changing Robe?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Everybody loves a new piece of wear in their wardrobe, especially if that piece of wear is beneficial and practical for every day use.

Experiencing Cold Water Swimming for the First Time

Changing robes originally began to make their way into the community in 2012, but in more recent years, the popularity of the changing robe has significantly grown. During the COVID-19 pandemic, due to strict rules and restrictions, accessing exercise facilities became limited across the globe. Many individuals turned to spending time outdoors whilst more and more people experienced cold water swimming for the first time. It was during this time, that the number of cold water swimmers spiralled to heights never seen before.

Woman wild swimming in a lake in the woods

A New Thrill of Cold Water Immersion to Increase Wellbeing

Many cold water therapy enthusiasts explain the feeling of cold water immersion as 'an addictive rush of adrenaline' rushing through the body, 'the feeling afterwards is indescribable'. Cold water swimming has become the new popular method to maintain general health and wellbeing, but now, with the comfort of outdoor changing robes the experience can be more enjoyable for everyone.

Over the years the popularity and demand for outdoor changing robes has been increasing year after year as more people are turning to outdoor activities such as cold water swimming to maintain health and mental health disorders. As a society, many of us thrive off anything associated with health and wellbeing such as new diets, exercise routines, new nutritional guidance and natural remedies to beat stress and mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and in some cases even bipolar disorder. Scientists and researchers have proven the benefits of cold water therapy to be positive if guidance is followed. During the immersion into cold water, our brain releases chemicals associated with a happier mood, instantly working as a natural mood booster.

Other Known Benefits of Cold Water Immersion Include:

  • Reduction in inflammation

  • Pain relief

  • Faster recovery from exercise (many athletes participate in ice baths for recovery reasons)

  • Improvement in circulation

  • Skin changes

  • Chemical changes in the brain - a natural antidepressant

  • Boost in Metabolism

  • A natural way to reduce stress and irritability

Cold water therapy can include activities like, a cold shower, dip in a cold river, lake or sea, an ice bath, and maybe even a plunge in an ice cold barrel in your garden!

Video: Cold water immersion, barrel dipping in icy water, Lancashire.

What is The Recommended Time You Should Stay in Cold Water?

The recommended time for cold water immersion depends upon the person whether you are a beginner or a professional. Usually, the time spent in cold water should be built up over time, the more regularly you participate in cold water immersion, the higher your ability becomes to stay in for longer. The best place to start might be turning your shower cold for a couple of minutes each day before plunging yourself into ice cold water for longer. Overtime your body will be able to adapt and it may even be possible for you to stay in cold water for as long as 15 minutes.

To start your journey into cold water swimming it is advised not to try it alone, as there are many things to consider before diving in, such as the temperature of the water to figure out how long you can stay in cold water for it to remain safe. Cold water therapy can really be a game changer to increase wellbeing, but precautions must be considered as there are always risks with everything we do, and with cold water there is always the possibility of experiencing cold water shock if we don't do things the right way.

Top Tips For Cold Water Dipping in Wild Waters

  • Check the water temperature, the average temperature for cold water swimming should lie anywhere between 8-15°C. Take the water temperature before diving in!

  • Have someone accompany you in case your body goes into shock, you should never swim alone in cold waters

  • Warm yourself up afterwards with a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate

  • Wear a hat if the weather is cold whilst swimming as this keeps more heat in the body - you can purchase one of our Urban Tone beanie hats, a perfect accessory to go with your changing robe!

  • Don't plunge in with the thought of 'it's going to be cold' because most likely it will be cold, but if you see the experience in a positive way and expect it to be a pleasant experience with a feel good feeling afterwards, this is the experience you will most likely have

  • Purchase a changing robe to make sure you keep your body warm after your cold swim as it's important to get your body temperature back to normal post swim

A Changing Robe Over a Towel Any day!

Soon after plunging into cold water, our main aim is to get warm and dry, what better piece of wear could we want than a changing robe. The perfect robe big enough to change under, but at the same time a piece of wear that we can make look good instead of battling with a falling down towel and flashing our private property!

Urban Tone outdoor changing robe for wild swimming

With an Urban Tone outdoor changing robe, you are guaranteed to stay 100% dry as all our robes are 100% waterproof on the outside with a Sherpa fleece lining throughout on the inside. The Sherpa fleece lining makes it easy to get dry fast, as the water 'flicks' off instead of soaking into the inner material.

  • 2 outer zip pockets, 1 inner zip pocket

  • Hooded

  • 100% waterproof

  • Sherpa fleece lining throughout

Recommendations for Outdoor Changing / Drying Robes

If I can give any recommendation for new cold water swimmers debating on whether to take the plunge and start implementing cold water swimming into their lives, then the number 1 item you need in your wardrobe is definitely a changing robe, not just to change under but also to keep you warm. The robe itself has become such a multifunctional piece of wear as it is now also being used for every day tasks, nipping to the shops, walking the dogs, taking the kids on a school run, watching a football match and attending festivals in poor weather. So why would we not want this multifunctional piece of wear in our wardrobe? We definitely do!

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