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The New 'Must Have' Festival Wear for 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Each year, thousands of people gather together to enjoy live music from top rated artists from all over the world. The UK itself, hosts some of the top rated festivals including; Creamfields, held in Daresbury every August; Parklife, located in Manchester; Isle of Wight Festival, held in Newport; Glastonbury, a five-day festival held in Somerset; and Beat-Herder, every summer in Clitheroe.

Festival chiller or festival crawler?

Festivals attract individuals from all over the world, with all different backgrounds and personalities. There is always the one which loses everything, the chiller in the crowd enjoying their favourite beats, the one crawling in a field trying to find their tent after the last performance has finished for the night, the heavy drinker, the 'mum' of the group and of course the party all night ones. But what will make your festival even better this year? We have the answer for you, and it all begins with a changing robe, the robe that will change your festival experience forever!

Festivals are usually fun for all, with plenty of music, entertainment, food, stalls, and in some cases, even blind dating. Beat-Herder Festival are well known for their 'The Matchbox' - Festival Blind Dating. For many, there might be love in the air, for others, a way of finding a fun outgoing festival goer, or a companion for the weekend.

Girl dancing to music at a festival with a changing robe on

Beat-Herder, Gisburn, 2023, wearing an Urban Tone outdoor changing robe. "The robe saved my weekend" -Megan, festival goer.

You invest in your tickets, so why not invest in your wear?

When we purchase expensive tickets for a festival, we always hope for the weather to be the hottest day of the year, but this is rarely the case, we are in the United Kingdom after all. Many festival goers take to camping over the course of the festival, whilst others prefer the vanlife, staying in kitted out motorhomes or self made up vans for the weekend.

If there is a convenient solution to a festival goers problem then why would we not want to welcome the solution to solve the problem. You spend a fortune on festival wristbands, so why not invest some money into some valuable festival wear too. Stay warm, Stay dry!

The benefits of purchasing a changing robe for your next festival

With an Urban Tone outdoor changing robe you are guaranteed to enjoy your festival whatever the weather! All Urban Tone outdoor changing robes are 100% waterproof, which means even if it rains, you can still stand by your favourite stage and stay 100% dry! Even better, all the robes are manufactured in a way to keep you warm, as the inner lining in each robe is made from Sherpa fleece, a super soft material which feels like you are wearing a blanket outdoors. They are great, the next best thing for campers and festival goers.

Man enjoying an outdoor festival with a changing robe on

A multifunctional piece of wear

A changing robe is the new 'must have' piece of equipment everyone needs. Whether you participate in cold water swimming, camping or enjoy a great festival here or there, a robe can be a real game-changer. The robe itself is such a multifunctional piece of wear, why would anyone not want something like this stocked up in their wardrobe?

Imagine paying for a festival wristband, and these days they definitely don't come cheap, to then attend and have your weekend ruined by British weather, let's be honest, how many days out of the year does it actually rain? Over half!

"The changing robe is a game-changer" - Neil - outdoor workshop host and festival goer.

Many festivals advise festival goers to pack a raincoat or poncho in case it rains, why not keep your festival wear stylish and pack a changing robe instead, after all, they are 100% waterproof and instead of looking like a binbag in a plastic poncho, wouldn't you rather keep your wardrobe looking fresh and stylish!

All outdoor changing robes and beanie hats can be purchased through our SHOP>.

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