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The Earth - A Human Playground Filled with Electrons, Ground and Play to Heal Health Naturally

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

children grounding on a sandy beach with no shoes on

"Grounding" also known as "earthing" has been widely studied for it's healing potential and for it's ability to heal health naturally. The definition of grounding simply refers to walking outdoors in nature or in any outdoor area, barefoot, having your feet directly connected to the earths surface.

In a world decades ago, human beings used to live with no shoes, shoes had never been invented, which meant there was no barrier affecting the connection between humans and the earth. Every individual used to walk around barefoot, connecting with earth and reducing the potential risk of sickness.

The earth is full of electrons, making the earth act like a big ball of energy. When we walk barefoot outdoors either in nature, on mud or grass, our bodies reconnect to the earth. The ions within the earth recharge our bodies and the healing potential of this process is far too little discussed. Our bodies function through electric impulses, by connecting your body to the earths surface, our electric impulses become charged and balanced, which allows the body to function in a normal way.

Rubber soled shoes a cause for sickness?

A movie recently published called "The Earthing Movie" highlights the fact how rubber soled shoes are making the population sick. The video clip explaining the toxicity of rubber soled shoes can be seen through the short clip below (clip taken from "The Earthing Movie").

The full movie can be seen through this link

Now a days, if we were seen outdoors walking barefoot some people would label the population as weird. What is weird about looking after our mental health?

Do we want to keep taking medication for mental health or find natural remedies?

Natural remedies like grounding vs. medication for mental health

As humans, we only come across resources like grounding and earthing when we hit rock bottom and are looking for any possible solution to cure mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Is medication really the answer? I don't believe so. There are so many natural remedies to cure mental health that we, as a population, sometimes turn to the easiest and quickest solution out there, referring to medication. Do we really know the long term effects of medication are and what this medication actually does to our bodies in the long run? So many doctors are fast to hand over a prescription for tablets instead of helping patients find natural remedies to fight illness.

Grounding is proven to act as a natural mood booster to help fight depression, it has also been proven to reduce inflammation and cure certain illnesses. By removing our shoes and walking outdoors barefoot we are also improving our sleep, which plays a vital role in improving disorders like anxiety and depression. Every day our society lives in a "stress-like" state of consciousness from the busy hustle and bustle lifestyle we have created for ourselves. As a society we have forgotten how to look after our bodies and more individuals should be mindful about taking care of our bodies as a priority.

If we look at it this way, our car is running low on fuel, what do we automatically do? We head to the petrol station and put fuel in so that our cars can run again. On the other hand, our bodies are exhausted, what do we do? most people just keep going without recharging energy back into the body. We should take full advantage of the electrons within the earth to recharge our body, after all, why is our car more important than our health? We need electrons for fuel, a natural source of energy is directly beneath us and many forget to reap the full benefits of this gift.

So lets highlight the benefits of grounding!

Benefits of grounding

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduction in inflammation

  • A natural mood booster

  • Helps fight mental health disorders

  • Reduction in stress levels

  • Improvement in nervous system function

  • Increase in general wellbeing

Improved sleep

Our sleep is such an important element to the functioning of our body. The recommended hours for sleep per day currently stands at 7 hours or higher, anything between 7 and 9 is classed as healthy. By grounding our body through the natural electrons from earth, we calm our nervous system and reduce inflammation which allows us to fall into a deeper sleep as individuals with higher levels of inflammation have been known to suffer with poor quality sleep.

Reduction in inflammation

In previous studies, scientists have actually named the earth as a "natural painkiller" because of the positive effects grounding (being connected to the earth surface) has on inflammation levels. So many health disorders are now caused by high levels of inflammation and if we can use what has been given to us for free, the earth, as a natural painkiller then why wouldn't we do so?

A natural mood booster

The earths surface has been proven to increase serotonin levels in the brain, serotonin, known as "the mood booster". Medication taken for mental health disorders is usually some type of SSRI, which works in a way that increases serotonin in the brain. So why would we turn to tablets when we can just take our shoes off and walk outdoors barefoot to receive the same benefits?

Helps fight mental health disorders

As discussed above, the earth works as a natural antidepressant as it increases levels of serotonin. When fighting illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety and depression, the chemicals in our brain become out of balance, and by walking barefoot outdoors, the natural connection with earth provides us with the right electrical charge to rebalance our chemicals again, increasing serotonin levels for better mood.

Reduction in stress levels

Grounding is a natural way to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Keeping our cortisol levels balanced has a huge impact on the way we cope and deal with stressful situations. By having a natural connection with earth, stress levels can be significantly lowered and therefore allowing the body to remain in a calm state of being.

Improvement in nervous system function

As we reduce cortisol levels, we also reduce the "fight or flight" response. By regular grounding we allow the body to heal stress and prevent our body from entering the "fight or flight" state in stressful environments or situations. Our nervous system functioning is improved, as the ground acts as a natural healer for our nervous system, creating a more relaxed and tranquil feeling.

Increase in general wellbeing

Everyone knows spending time outdoors is a natural mood booster, but when we spend time outdoors barefoot the positive effects are significantly increased. If we can heal our body naturally then why wouldn't we try to do so before turning to medication. More doctors should be prescribing outdoors and grounding to treat disorders, instead of handing over medication. Most GP's and doctors turn away from this as the medicine industry is a billion dollar industry, and nobody wants to lose out on money when they can make billions by prescribing antidepressant medications.

Can we now see the range of benefits of grounding and connecting with earth again?

More and more mental health disorders are diagnosed daily, we, as a society make excuses about not having the time to be outdoors or ground, but we all have time. It's what we choose to do with our time is what matters the most. Our number one priority should be looking after our body, the one thing which we have to live with for the rest of our lives.

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